Meet The Team

Because everyone on the party's management committee is a volunteer and the workload is considerable, many roles needed to be allocated. We currently have eleven members on the management committee. Allow us to introduce you.


PresidentBill Koutalianos - President

Born in Sydney in 1960 to immigrant parents, Bill lives in Sydney with his partner and young child. Bill was an architectural degree graduate from NSW Institute of Technology in 1986. Most of his career has been spent employed in corporate architectural offices. His last architectural office position was as company Quality Assurance officer. The past decade he has spent as a self-employed Licensed Builder on a residential development. Bill has recently been severely distracted by the climate debate and carbon dioxide governance.


Bill PounderBill Pounder - Vice President

Bill is married with two children at university. His family have lived at Gladesville within the Bennelong electorate for 25 years.

Bill was the Climate Sceptics candidate for Benelong in the August 21 election.

Anthony CoxAnthony Cox - Secretary

Anthony Cox is secretary of the No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics Party. Anthony is a lawyer and has studied climatology in his first degree.

Geoff BrownGeoff Brown - Treasurer and Blogspot

Geoff is the Treasurer of the No Carbon Tax Climate Sceptics, and has qualifications in Accountancy and Company Secretarial. His work experience includes: Taxation, Management and Cost Accounting; Production Management; Management Consulting; Restaurateur; Professional Musician; Taxi Operator; Dog training and Breeding.

Paul BovolosPaul Bovolos - Newsletter Manager

Paul is married to Paras with 2 children, and is a self employed professional photographer.

Leon AshbyLeon Ashby - Past President and SA Senate Candidate

Married to Jane with 5 children.
SA & Qld Farmer until 2006. Enterprises included Dairy, Beef, Fat lambs, Wool, Ostriches, Goats, & Kangaroo shooter. 1999 Qld Landcare research award runner up. 2002 Centenary Medal recipient for services to Conservation and the Environment. Co-Founded various groups including, Landholders Institute, Australia Environment Foundation, Bushvision & The Climate Sceptics Political Party.


Chris DawsonChris Dawson - Vic Senate Candidate

Married to Lib with 4 daughters, he has a Masters Degree from Faculty of Engineering (Enterprise Innovation) Swinburne University of Technology. Senior roles in Water, Energy & Environment sectors and Education and Health. Areas of work included Strategic Business Development, Developing and Commercializing Innovative Energy & Water Technologies. Founded Australian Groundwater Technologies Aquifer Storage and Recovery systems and Desaln8 In Situ Desalination technologies.
Active involvement in community work through local parish and school, and senior finance and project development roles on both primary and secondary school boards and parish councils.


Beau WoodsAdrian Byass WA Senate Candidate

I am passionate about the State of Western Australia and this wonderful country we live in. What has spurred me to offer to serve the people of Western Australia via the Senate is the weakening of debate about the laws which govern us and the increase in the power of vested interests.

Currently I serve on the Boards of three listed resource companies and have been working in the minerals industry since 1996 upon completion a Bachelor of Science (Geology) degree (University of Western Australia) and Bachelor of Economics (Murdoch University).

Starting businesses and being responsible for employment of people has honed a focus on looking at the economic climate, making pragmatic decisions and serving the interests of my shareholders. All of this whilst delivering a social consciousness required by modern corporate entities.

I strongly disagree with politically-driven, short-term thinking interference with the economy. I believe that I have the passion, the commitment and the desire to transfer my skill set and experience to help bring about change for the long term benefit of all Australians.


Terry CardwellTerry Cardwell - Qld Senate Candidate

Born; Nottingham England on 21st March 1941. Migrated to Wollongong, Australia December 13th 1953. Apprentice fitter and Machinist with the Electricity Commission of NSW 1956 to 1960. Fitter and Machinist 1960 to 1962. Instrument and Control Technician 1962 to 1964. Assistant Power Plant Operator at Wallerawang, Tallawarra, Munmorah Power Stations 1964- 1969. Power Plant Operator Munmorah, Commissioning and Operating 350MW units 1969 to 1978. Moved to Rockhampton QLD and owned Terry's Marine Centre 1978 to 2005. Retired 2005. ‘Nulli Secundus-Second To None’ which recently won an international award.


Gordon Alderson Gordon Alderson - Election Strategist

Married with three children, Gordon has been;
Secretary for the Board of Management at Family First Party, Victoria,
Manager Recruitment, Victoria at Chandler & Macleod,
General Manager at Planet Resources,
General Manager at IF Consulting Group,
Manager Business Development at Fluor Australia and
Organisational Development Consultant at Orica.
He is currently Managing Director at Alpha Omega Consulting Group.


Gordon AldersonAlan Rutland - Qld No 2 senate Candidate

Alan comes from Brisbane Queensland, he is married with 10 grown up children.

With 53 experience in the transport and logistics industry, he is well versed to speak on matters affecting the industry. Alan heads up a transport training school at Chambers Flat on the south side of Brisbane. The general public wouldn't know but if a truck driver makes a simple error in filling out his log book he is punished with huge fines. No other industry has these draconian laws so diligently enforced.

Mr Rutland has core values with which most Australians can identify Family, growing economy. He is against political correctness as it is getting out of control - even in areas which are fundamentally unpolitical like sports. He doesn't believe we should be robbing from the rich and giving to the poor. The government being involved in abortion, same sex marriage or even disciplining our kids. Government is for governing not taking over and controlling our lives. He believes Australia operating as a welfare and nanny state is robbing us of both our livelihood and our national identity.

57000 Transport Industry Owner Drivers have gone broke this year along with many other large companies. The Transport Industry has become a milch cow to every area of Government. In the last 2-3 years fines have increased and for the most trivial of things. One operator last month was fined $680 because his revolving light was turning too slow at only 71 rpm.

In the Senate at least we will have a voice to challenge unfair legislation.


Gordon Alderson Mijina McDowell - NSW no 2 candidate

Mijina is Canberra`s 2012 Lifeline Woman of Spirit, The award recognises women who have overcome adversity in their lives, given back to the community and now inspire others.

Mijina was born and raised in South Korea. At the age of 13 Mijina learnt to support herself by making artwork and operating a small art gallery. At the age of 25 her first son was born and soon after she migrated to Australia.

Mijina qualified as a pastor in 2013. She runs a street church BBQ in the centre of Canberra every Sunday afternoon. Here she provides a source of food for the homeless. She has been providing free food every Sunday to around 100 - 150 homeless and hungry people for over six years and would like to extend her work to develop ways our community can understand and assist the whole person - not just hope people with issues will go away.

Mijina has a focus and faith that can overcome the greatest challenges. She believes she has a role to play in politics also.

You can find Mijina in Garema Place in Canberra every Sunday from 2 pm til 5 pm rain, hail or shine


Gordon Alderson Jim Hawes - Tasmanian No 1 Candidate

James (Jim) Hawes is married with 4 adult children. He holds degrees in science and education gained at Sydney University. He has taught high school and university level science in all five major disciplines – Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Physics.

His career path has included the positions of high school Deputy Principal, Director of School Development in the Sydney Catholic education system and Managing Director of his own consultancy firm.

Jim served as president of both the Science Teachers' Association of NSW and The Australian Science Teacher's Association. In his role as a DeFAT and IMF funded consultant in the nineties, he contributed to the development of educational systems and school improvement programs in Australia,The Solomon Islands, Western Samoa,The Republic of Palau and The Federated States of Micronesia.

During his 40 year career in education, Jim published a number of science textbooks for use in primary and secondary schools. In the early nineties, he was involved as a co-author of a school science textbook dealing with Environmental Issues. As part of that task, he was commissioned to prepare a chapter entitled "Global Warming". At that time, he had no reason to doubt that the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis was based on sound scientific evidence.

However, his further research failed to find any empirical evidence which demonstrated that emissions of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere were the main drivers behind the mild global warming which had been occurring during the twentieth century.

As a result of his studies, he shifted in his thinking from being a 'true believer' in anthropogenic climate change to being a confirmed 'sceptic' regarding that hypothesis and, from that time, became active in challenging the faulty 'science' behind climate alarmism. His entry into the political sphere reflects these concerns.


Gordon AldersonPetta Hines - Tas Senate Candidate

Petta and her family are former residents of Tasmania, having lived on the east coast of Tas on an old dairy and sheep farm. In 2006 she had to move back to Sydney where she is concentrating on bringing up her two young daughters and taking leadership roles in various community issues such as mental health and getting better services .

Petta has co-ordinated forums of local service providers, been a spokesperson for local residents, lobbied council and opposed the waste of taxpayers money on duplicate programs, but is now realising that those in Government are constantly either out of touch or controlled by vested interests.

Her passion is now to see government listen to the people and act on their concerns.


Gordon AldersonJohn Rodda - Vic No. 2 Senate Candidate

Born during World War 2, so there were no computers, no mobile phones, no television, no calculators, and no zip fasteners when I went to school and university.

Graduated with a BSc in Metallurgy and a Diploma of Music at the University of Melbourne.

Early employment was in teaching at secondary schools, including 5 years in the UK. On return to Australia joined the Department of Defence as a metallurgist in the Air Force Quality Assurance laboratories and taught some evenings at RMIT (TAFE).  Conducted six short courses in neighbouring East Asian countries as part of a UN development program.  Resigned from the Department of Defence in 1993 to teach full time at RMIT until retirement at the end of 2010.

Community service: involved as a volunteer in various organizations Supporting technology in Australia, like Standards Australia.

Greatest achievement: staying sane in a mad world.

Key political ideas: free people, not government, make a country wealthy and allow people to be fulfilled.  The government’s prime purpose is to ensure that one person’s freedom does not harm other people’s genuine rights. Governments which trample on people’s rights are a major aberration and must be strongly resisted.

Policies beneficial to people can and should be worked out by rational debate, not by applying ideologies, not by emotional reactions, not by personal attacks, and not by following superstitions like man-made global warming.


We also need to ensure that people who migrate to Australia accept our values of freedom of religion and speech, pluralism, democracy, property rights, the rule of law, and respect for others, and do not want to try to impose their values on us, for example, by holding violent demonstrations against freedom of speech.

Lastly, but not least, the family, consisting of a married man and woman, and multiple children, is the basis of a healthy society.  It is under severe attack from many sides and the results of this attack are beginning to show in today’s society.